Catch That Booger Flicker!!!

Until you are sitting down on a park bench enjoying the sunset… who are we kidding, this is not a movie! After pushing through the so called queue at the bus station, you’ve finally made it, you are on your way to wherever the heck life is blowing you to and then bam! The dude beside you is doing this:

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Or maybe you’re the dude! Shame on you, they say, maybe you turn around, see a few disgusted faces and then you mistakenly flick the booger onto someone’s shirt, or maybe *pyeep* you hear, someone has flicked a booger on your shirt, gross.

The unavoidable truth is we all rummage our fingertips in the abyss that is our nostrils, although just like some other people I find it to be a serious pet peeve even when I, myself I’m doing it. It’s not our faults, it bends around numerous factors, down to even dust but we can make it look less gross, so…Here is an easy way to avoid being the booger-flicker;

  • It’s simple really, all you have to do is wash your nose while bathing! As simple as this sounds, most people don’t do it and when they try they over-complicate it; I recommended it to a friend weeks back and he literally used a sponge and his soap in his nose and injured himself.
  • Like any other millennial, when I had catarrh months back, before taking any step I rushed to the internet and I stumbled upon how to clean the nose. Forward onto later, after it had gone, I still practiced this and I noticed it reduced the rate at I opted for that bad habit, you could go up to twelve hours without even scratching your nose.

Credit to Instagram’s @50strokesofkim for illustration.

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