On November, 6 2019, I officially started the challenge on Twitter , but not after much anxiety and deliberation as many factors I had considered not in my favour, matter of fact I had tried the challenge a week before officially stating it on Twitter, and it was by my standards an absolute disaster.

"If you really want something done, you will find a way else you will find an excuse. "

Firstly for those who do not know, a brief summary of what 100DaysOfCode really is :

  • For a hundred days, you are to dedicate at least an hour to coding or doing something related in helping you learn on your coding journey, this is for programmers of all levels.
  • Rules dictate you are to publicly declare your participation on Twitter and tweet your progress each day and reach out to people doing this challenge as well.

I was listening to the CodeNewbie podcast and the person who brought about the challenge was brought to speak on it. It sounded ever so simple, but there’s so much more to it than that.
As an Illustrator fresh off Instagram’s system I almost sabotaged my attempt at the challenge and almost missed the general point. Anyone who knows Instagram is aware that except you’re a celebrity no one actually gives a flying fadoodle about your progress, they only want to see a perfect output, so asking me to post my progress every day wasn’t of course what I initially did. Initially I burst out of the gates with tweaks to old codes and posted finished projects. But on getting to Day 10, that fire ran out and with it all my fears of being unable to handle the challenge well, but I was able to re-adjust and started taking it the way it was to be.
The good part of 100daysofcode is there’s little to no pressure on what exactly you’re putting as far as you obeyed the rules.

Day #100

When reading about it, it was said the aim of the challenge was to foster an attitude of consistency and discipline. You committed publicly and you don't get to play with choices as to whether you feel like it today or not. While this seems like a huge burden, it's actually not, it's stressful yes but for the right reasons. Move to Day 26. i had fallen into a bit of Instagram habit and was planning to code a responsive UI of my music player but I hadn't sufficient knowledge to actually achieve that, so all the anticipation and build up was for naught, and that stung hard. But once again, it wasn't Instagram, I wasn't beheaded instantly, but I received support from a few people.
The highlight of this challenge of this challenge, of course I have tremendously improved in the span of 100 days I learnt 2 Languages and 3 Front End libraries. Much later I would genuinely find something worth sharing, given pseudocode FreeCodeCamp asked you to code. It was challenging and very fun.
Do I think this challenge is for everyone ? Well yes and no, it wasn't totally for me because I am one to practice digital minimalism, so coming online everyday to tweet was a problem so I would come in a span of 7days and posted what I had done throughout which seems like bending the rules, but I was being honest throughout, so I think I did okay. Another setback was the resumption of school. It was my only fear and it was living up to my hype. In fact someone told me I wouldn't be able to complete the challenge and generally I agreed but when I sat down to think about it, I wasn't going to take pride in giving up so close to the finish line. So while my output became a little diminished I still stuck to the rule of at least one hour and I must say congratulations to me. But yes, especially as a beginner fostering consistency is important.


The challenge is an awesome one which everyone should do but at your time of choosing and if u prefer a different type of learning pace , I would advice that you also take that path. But the 100days of code is something worth trying out.



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Emmanuel Unyime

Emmanuel Unyime

I’m a Software Engineer && Technical Writer passionate about data structures and beating former “best-yet(s)”. Oh, I play Chess too!