Hello I’m Jack. Yes as in Jack Of All Trades.

(James Cameron) “Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality.”

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Hi I’m Jack. Yes as in Jack of all trades. If you are a son or daughter of mine. Sit down, I have a quick message for you:

You see there’s a misconception that people who multitask, are quite likely to fail. However, a very important fact is ignored while criticizing such people, their versatility and their diverse skill set. In today’s competitive world, most Jacks-of-all-trades are confident and proficient enough in whatever skills they manage to bag. (Hardik Vishwakarma) Who is a better Hire, Jack Of All Trades or Master Of One?

Whatever we are called, it’s never easy being someone like us. This is because regardless of how much bragging rights we attain, we become the second half of the famous phrase,

"Master Of None."

Albeit, take a moment to breathe and realize that you’re actually, ART!

We can actually come out with so much shine in society that it’s easy to ignore the struggles we face or are current facing. It’s no secret that, great success stories talk about great intense dedication and focus put into a skill capable of beating talent itself!

Being unable to give this to one thing completely results in being master of none. I’m sure you know of these troubles my child, so how about a little advice to get you through it. To be to this side, you must have been through so many motivational talks already, while they make so much sense you won’t understand it without understanding a couple things.

  • In the next set of years, you most likely would be a great wild wolf, but what in your skill set would you be doing that would have propelled you to the top ? When you are able to discern what you want to fondle with the most, it becomes very clear, which is an High (income/prestige) skill and which is just a hobby.


  • Regardless of the fact that there are people who brought about the revolution of certain things in their environments, the truth is most if not all of those people were not like us, we don’t have the flexibility to switch to being a master of one at least not in same time span a master can switch to a jack. So understand your environment and take along what would easily and in due time you may be able to incorporate others, but nonetheless keep fondling.


  • We Jacks are often very interested in how better we are as a person even in relation to other people, even the introverted ones end up comparing themselves to others in their minds. Also avoid comments, the world will demand to know how crazy you are, juggling so many things at once, dare to answer question number 1 for you in most part.

You will meet a master.

This is the hard part. You will meet someone far better than you. Masters meet masters talk less of Jacks. Don't be hard on yourself, don't be intimidated, they can be especially threatening, if it answers No in the first criteria, prepare for the two C's and then go in with a heart to learn.

There’s more of course, time and space will permit, but of course another skill calls.⚓Good day!

Credits to @50STROKESOFKIM on Instagram for the art commission.

I am a Web Developer that plays Chess daily. I am interested in ReactJs and LaravelPHP Let's connect!

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