It has never been a riper time to discuss how your 2019 should go or be going , the dust of resolutions has settled and no this is not a resolution related post but as advertised, it has to do with your 2019.
Weeks ago, I was leisurely browsing through Television and I stumbled upon a product advertisement. What could get me hooked other that breed being advertised but it was more than that, the technique it was being advertised made me jump and say,” I must have this.” Fast-forward to a week later, I had two slices in my hand and with just a bite, my life flashed before my eyes, it was terrible, before I proceed, what makes a good post without a flashy quote?

Zig Ziglar - Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.

Or anyone interested in any bit of success. Now what does living your 2019 as advertised mean? Years back, I got to see a quote by Einstein and it made me realize, that I owe it to myself to never give up and to give to the coming generation as I have been given to (Quote at end of post). If you have ever heard of the concept of success by Auto-suggestion, it was what I started practicing but I noticed that we tend to practice this concept openly, instead of in secret. An example, would be telling people in my secondary school, that I was somewhat good at guitar, I thought, fake it till you make it right? but in the real sense, I had never physically held a guitar talk less of being somewhat good. I was dishonest, even though as of now, I can tell you I play guitar and I am somewhat good, I escaped, nobody was hurt, I’m not a liar anymore. Wrong! I was hurt, people that went out of their way to create for me, opportunities based on my claim were hurt as well.
Never, present yourself as what you aren’t, even to yourself. Acknowledge where you are and where you need to go. There are jobs out there, that are on a learn as you go scale, so you can cook a sumptuous lie of a resumé and get away with it but the truth will always bring felicity, self-confidence and most importantly, transcendence. Have you ever had the chance to compare, two people in any situation, requiring testing, maybe not too formal a setting as sitting for SATs, say a business setting, advertising, writers. You will notice a certain level of confidence in the ideas of those who are prepared but asides that you will notice them do things in a wall that begs the word,” genius” to be suffixed to their names.
However, being honest isn’t only about not lying, it’s about being able to be a paragon of ideals and morals you are willing to sell and or teach. Appeal to your audience not only by blowing their minds with tips leading to success stories but the real output of the tips, with your life as a demonstration, but lest I take a detour from the original point. Take this bottom line, in 2019 and years to come, learn to offer yourself as Advertised because it fights delusion and helps you identify strengths and weaknesses. But this is only if you feel the hunger for success while also adhering to;

“A hundred times a day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure as I have received and am still receiving. “

Make that conscious decision, to be successfully, honest so that you will be honest, successfully.

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